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Dig little deeper into the holes in your pockets, to find where are your money going !!!

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Expenses, Incomes and Investments

Keep track of all your monetary transactions. Add the transactions in various categories and view the data in many ways.

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Categorize you data

Create custom categories for all your transactions - Income category, Expense category or Investments category. For Expense records, Payment Option is another level of categorization to keep track of mode of payment used for the transaction.

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Visualize yor personal finance

Get the insight of your finance with various visualization options which can be generated on numerous parameters.

Graphs: Categorized

Visualize your according to the various custom categories.

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Graph: The Cash Flow chart

See the exact flow of your personal finance


Aggregation of your data in various parameters. The Dashboard shows the monthly and yearly aggregated data by current year. Monthly balance sheet set the option to manually adjust the balance. And of course the 'lifetime' details page.

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Reminders and Notifications

Create reminders of various recurring transactions and never forget about any bill payment or adding the insurence premium. Receive notifications on day(s) before you want.

Export data : PDF and XLS

Create customized PDF and XLS documents of your personal finance transations. Choose transation type, categories, date range before creating the documents.

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