This is an application to keep track of one's personal finance records. The various features of this application are
  • Add Expense Records. Beside the normal form, there are options for quick add as well as option to add multiple records at once.
  • Keep expenses Categorized by various customization categories. 
  • Record the Payment mode for the expenses. 
  • Set monthly budget (or Expense Limits) for the expenses.
  • Add Tags to the expenses.
  • Add Income records in various custom Categories.
  • Option to keep track of Investment records.
  • View the Expense, Income, Investment data with various Filters.
  • Export the data into PDF and Excel files. Filters are applicable here too.
  • View data in various aggregations - daily, monthly, yearly. Option for custom range.
  • Graphs - a lots of indeed, to visualize one's data in various aggregations. 
  • Custom Range Graph, Sankay Diagram (to see the money flow from Payment Option to the Categories) etc.
  • Monthly and Yearly Overview of the data as the Homepage with category wise graphs.
  • Do Monthly Adjustments and view Lifetime data.
  • Add Reminders to various records with option of recurrence in Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
  • Receive Notifications based on the reminders.
  • Add, Edit, Delete all type of Categories.
  • As beta feature, option to Report a Bug and Request any Feature.